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R&D Department, which was established in 1991, is active by considering one of Yapı Merkezi’s key principles: “To apply and develop advanced technology is our strength”. Main study subjects are as follows:

R&D Department carries out experimental studies which contains "new products and materials" in the scope of Advance Reinforced Concrete Technology with the help of Yapı Merkezi Prefabrication Inc. Some related research projects are: production of concrete with a strength of 240MPa (2400kgf/cm2) by using normal concrete aggregate, production of reactive powder concrete with a strength of 300MPa (3000kgf/cm2), production of lightweight concrete, rationalization of mixture designs for concrete strengths higher than 120MPa, prediction of concrete strength parameters in the long run, production of environmental friendly concrete by using recycled aggregate, improvement of “strength prediction models” by using surface roughness numbers and ultrasonic velocity readings, increasing the application areas of mineral containing concrete (flying ash and highly furnitured slag), development of new material by considering the mixture of cement and calcite powder, development of half transparent concrete.

There are several developing and ongoing research activities within the scope of Earthquake Engineering since the establishment of Yapı Merkezi (1966). Some of these studies are: Seismological properties of active fault systems, preparation of loss of life and economical loss inventories due to earthquakes, investigation of parameters such as acceleration, velocity, effective time, earthquake intensity, Arias during significant earthquakes, liquefaction analysis methods, and seismic analyses of tunnels.

Some of the research projects related to tunnel technologies can be summarized as: quality control of shotcrete, improvement of application areas of using shotcrete which is strengthen with steel fiber, measurement of settlement/deformations, relationship between working principle of high radius (D≥10m) tunnel boring machines (TBMs) and rock mass strength parameters, development of performance prediction models of TBMs, investigation of relationship between disc cutter and rock mass properties, tunnel enlargement technologies.

Some of the research projects within the scope of Structural Rehabilitation are as follows investigation of physical/mechanical properties of the “Küfeki Shell Limestone” which was frequently used by Master Architect Sinan, in-place examination of “Küfeki Shell Limestone” strength, determination of the physical/mechanical properties of rock units which were used in the rehabilitation projects of Yapı Merkezi.


New Developed Experimental Tools are double punch tool for identifying the strength of “Küfeki Shell Limestone”, point load tool which was used in subway constructions such as Mevhibe İnönü and İzmir Subway Tunnels, volumetric air meter and rainfall ingress meter for concrete wall blocks. It should be noted that all these equipments are used in Yapı Merkezi construction sites.

The Patent of “Half Transparent Concrete” was obtained in 2010.

Yapı Merkezi produced several journal articles, proceedings and books by using the generated engineering knowledge, gained experience during projects, developed analysis and design methods. As a result, 29 books, more than 350 articles were published and undertake referee positions in several technical journals.

Studies related to the use of current products in new areas in the R&D Department 


New product development projects in the R&D Department (All these research projects were investigated with Yapı Merkezi Prefabrication Inc.) 

Solution projects carried out by R&D Department for industrial problems


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Cumulative and yearly distribution of reports, proceedings and articles (1991-2011)
*Note: This distribution does not include the publication and report activities between 1966 and 1991.


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Yearly distribution of reports, proceedings and articles between 1991 and 2011





Patent application about “Half Transperent Concrete” was accepted in July, 2010. Related experimental studies were conducted by Yapı Merkezi R&D Department and Yapı Merkezi Prefabrication Inc. This patent is registered to Yapı Merkezi with the name of “2008/09834 nolu IŞIK GEÇİREN FİBER OPTİK LİFLİ YARI SAYDAM BETON” by Turkish Patent Institute (TPE)


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